Our Process

Our business objective is to be the best printing company in Australia. To achieve this goal, we’ve established a well-thought-out production process that helps us produce the best results for our customers in minimal time. When someone chooses Elegant Print, they partner with a company that firmly believes in getting things right the first time.

Since our future growth largely depends on customer satisfaction, we stick to our carefully designed production process. We guide our customers through the process. Here is how things work at Elegant Print:

1. Project Understanding
Our printing process starts with developing a good understanding of your project. Whether you need to print a few business cards or a full range of commercial signage, we make sure to observe strict adherence to your requirements.

We also provide recommendations based on the nature of your project. Our highly talented professionals ask a few basic questions to provide accurate cost estimates and production timelines. We also take a look at your existing print collaterals to understand your branding values.

 2.  Pre-Print Check

 Once we reach an initial agreement covering everything from pricing to project requirements, we undergo a pre-print check process. Our customers can send press-ready work via email. We evaluate the artwork our customers send before printing.

It’s important for us as well as for our customers to have practical expectations. We send a sample of your project to get customers’ approval before we start mass production. The pre-print process helps us produce finished results that meet or exceed your expectations.

3. Printing And Cutting

 We send the artwork to one of our presses to start the printing process. We use advanced printing equipment for both small and large runs. We do everything in our capacity to produce prints that meet quality standards. Printed material then goes through the finishing process which involves cutting, embossing, lamination, binding, and other finishing work.

4. Quality Control

Our products have to go through a strict quality control process where our QC experts ensure every piece of print meet quality requirements. If we’re not happy with the quality of a print, we reproduce it. Quality and attention to detail are two major attributes of our printing services. We make sure nothing impacts the quality or timely delivery of a project.

5. Delivery

Once your print collaterals are ready, we carefully pack and made it ready for safe delivery. We make sure that you receive your project in a safe and timely manner.

The purpose of developing and implementing a printing process is to deliver the highest quality marketing collaterals to our customers. As a rapidly growing printing company in Sydney, we never compromise on quality and deadlines.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding our printing services or work process.